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Welcome to Lumix India!!

Kitchen is the most essential part of our house and is used every day for preparing food and doing other household chores. There was a time when women had to spend their entire day in the kitchen cutting vegetables, grinding spices, and peeling fruits manually, but now everything can be done with a push of a button. We present you the latest range of LumixIndia products varying from food processors, juicer mixer grinders, juice extractors, mixer grinders, sandwich makers, electric irons, heat towers, etc.

Our exclusive range of home products makes your kitchen work a cakewalk. You will love to use all of our products to make quick snacks, knead flour, extract juices, and prepare milk shakes in a blink of an eye. Our mission is to make household chores quick and easy, thereby giving you more time to interact and spend with your family than in kitchen.

Our range of food processors will help you in performing activities like cutting, grinding, mixing and whisking, kneading, etc. Our exclusive sandwich makes lets you prepare hygienic and quick sandwiches in your home make restaurant like food at home with our exclusive range of home products.

Our electronic irons clear the creases on your clothes and make them look tidy and neat. Whether it is your cotton shirt or winter cardigan, you can easily use our electronic iron for a finished look. Our heat towers help in keeping your house warm and cozy to beat the chill in winters. So explore our range of home appliances today and make your living comfortable and ideal.

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